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I am a cyclist from Mumbai, India – riding my bike about 6 days a week, clocking over 12-15000 kms a year. On average, I ride approximately for over 2 hours a day, clocking over 50 kms daily and try to do a few short and long bike tours every year. I also have done many forms of cycling events like Brevets of 200-600 kms, amateur races and more.

My tryst with cycling came after some incredible health challenges till about 2013. Earlier, I had to undergo a massive heart bypass surgery, a brain tumor surgery & a knee replacement.  I took to cycling daily since 2014 to reclaim and resurrect my life, while going about my professional life in a routine fashion.

Since the past few years, I really took a fancy to Bike touring and have done some fantastic and memorable tours in India and other countries. Some of these bike tours to the Indian Himalayas and Ladakh regions specially have been extremely challenging and even educational in a way.

With this website and blogs, I wanted to document by bike tours to help other cyclists discover this fantastic way to roam the world and a new way of life.

I hope that you like my content. Do send me your feedback here.

Reach me on chetan@thebikelife.in
Follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/chetanshah2016

Chetan’s Interview at the Cycling summit on his cycling journey
Here’s a tale that will inspire you to stop giving excuses and take that extra mile. This is a story of how courage and willpower can help you overcome any obstacles to achieve your biggest goals in life. Watch how Chetan Shah overcame his struggles of heart bypass, brain tumour surgery and a knee replacement not to just get up and walk again, but ride over 100000 Kms and his endeavour to inspire others during his journey!

Chetan’s interview for Hit The Road: Explorer Edition
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